All of my work is based on the Christ Consciousness.

This means that I work through the heart.  I have found that, through love, miracles can take place.  Every part of us responds to love.  This includes the emotional body, physical body and spiritual body.  We are similar in so many ways but also quite unique on our paths of healing, spiritual growth and our expansion.  As such, my healing work is based on the unique needs of each person.  I journey into consciousness and through loving intent, gently release the emotions that are stored in the parts of the body that are in discomfort and pain.  Together, we weave through your history going as far back as the beginning of Creation to the origins, the very beginning of any gaps or separation between you and love. As we work together, relief is often gained quickly (in many cases instantly).

The tools I draw upon include:

  • your angelic history and healing
  • healing emotional blocks
  • physical and emotional healing
  • other lifetimes healing and reviews
  • interdimensional healing
  • Divine Touch Healing
  • healing fears
  • galactic lifetimes and experiences
  • animal communications and healing
  • spiritual counseling, teaching and more….

All sessions can be done in person or remotely (zoom, FaceTime, Facebook Messenger video and Skype)

Session Fees:

$55 – half hour

$95 – 45 minutes

       $115 – hour

       $170 – 1.5 hours

I am available as a guest speaker and healer for groups. Please contact me for details.

Joanna Spano

Spiritual Teacher, Counselor & Healer

Founder, Divine Touch Healing

Background Experiences and Training:  Galactic Readings, Advance DNA Theta Healing, Third level Arcturian Healing, Reiki II, Certified in the Pathway Process of the Akashic Records, Shamanic Practices, “Awakening the Christ Consciousness” Intensive Training, Sedona, Arizona