All of my work is based on the Christ Consciousness.

Therefore, all my work is based on love. For it is through the power of love miracles take place.  I am grateful for all of my training and experiences that have provided me with the tools I need to assist others.

What you won’t see is a list of services on my website because I typically use a variety of methods to best meet the needs of my clients. Sessions are based on individual healing needs. There is no “one size fits all”. I “direct connect’ with God for all of my teachings, counseling and healings. It is God/Spirit who has told me to expect miracles and so I do. The tools I draw upon include:

  • past life reviews
  • healing emotional blocks
  • interdimensional healing
  • Divine Touch Healing
  • projections of what may potentially lie ahead
  • healing fears
  • galactic ancestry
  • spiritual counseling, teaching and more….

It is common during healing sessions for instant relief of both physical and emotional challenges.  Those I am privileged to help often tell me how much “lighter” and “peaceful” they feel.  If need be, I will send up part of the individual’s spirit to the heavenly realm where the healing takes place at a much more rapid rate.  I also find that, by working with the angelic part of my clients, the healing is done at the deepest levels.

I feel strongly about doing root and not surface healing.  This brings about a much more permanent sense of peace.  The more healing that takes place, the greater amount of divine light can fill the person and the better they feel for it is loving light that sustains us.

All sessions can be done remotely if needed. If travel is involved, then additional fees may apply.

Session Fees:

$40 per half hour

$80 per hour

$120 per hour and a half

I am also available as a guest speaker or a teacher to provide workshops and trainings. If you contact me I am happy to provide more details about this.