A Sense of Freedom – Healing Respiratory Ailments

Awakening the Christ Consciousness

A Sense of Freedom – Healing Respiratory Ailments

Restrictions felt within our respiratory system (sinuses, throat, and lungs) typically represent emotions related to freedom, expansion and the growth of our spirits. Our natural state is continual expansion of our light. Any type of suppression or interference can cause emotional triggers within and if left unhealed, over time, can manifest physically. Patterns in our lives as well of other lifetimes can provide us with insights and examples of when we felt a loss of freedom. the times we felt small, and all those moments we felt silenced. Fears of freedom and speaking out can amplify feelings of restriction. Symptoms can include: a tightness throughout the body, sleepless nights, anxiety, depression, headaches, etc.

As we resolve the roots of our fears and beliefs, more Loving Light can then enter the areas that need healing. Lungs clear and expand, the throat opens, the rib cage feels unhindered and breathing comes easier. We feel greater ease in moving forward in our lives and a greater appreciation of who we are and what we can achieve.

We are already limitless! It exists within us all and as we peel away at the layers that have kept us from feeling this way, then you have felt true freedom!

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