All Fears Can Be Healed!

Awakening the Christ Consciousness

All Fears Can Be Healed!

All fears can be healed!

In order to heal our fears, we take a good look at what they are about.  Denial may temporarily ease and soothe us but, at some point, they can rise up again and again. Entering our hearts and feeling what is causing them, helps us to gain insights.  A sort of “dismantling” process takes place.

For example, fears about catching the COVID virus can have underlying emotions such as:

  • loss of survival
  • loss of family
  • isolation
  • abandonment
  • loss of connection/ communication
  • loss of love
  • lost rights, lost will, being silenced
  • becoming weakened or vulnerable, etc. etc.

Our bodies/DNA hold the history of our lifetimes.  If we experienced: drowning, breath being cut off by choking, respiratory failures, being silenced, fighting in wars for freedom, etc. then wearing a mask can trigger these ancient fears.  Our bodies react by trying to heal or buffer these emotions by lungs filling with phlegm, coughing and by breathing faster or attempting to draw in more air.  In other cases, the overlapping fears connected to restricted breathing can cause other (and for some, more severe) physical ailments.  Releasing the emotions connected to these fears can ease and heal all of these symptoms. There is hope!

What I find that is significant in healing is an ancient underlying fear and that is feeling an absence of God (Source, Spirit, Creator, etc.), not being safe and protected by God, not feeling our connection to Him/Her and feelings of abandonment.  On the surface, we may not recognize or identify these emotions but it doesn’t mean they don’t exist.  Situations and events in our lives can stir up emotional triggers that can cause them to surface repeatedly.

Releasing fears helps to bring more peace to our lives and we gain greater freedom!

Peace to all!

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