As You Free Yourself…

Awakening the Christ Consciousness

As You Free Yourself…

     As you free yourself, you free the world.  The more you release within you that which keeps you from becoming who you truly are, the more you make room for Loving Light and lift your vibrations to greater match the increasing frequencies on earth.  Holding onto old patterns, old hurt, pain and suffering can lock your consciousness in lower dimensional states.  Bringing in more love and light is not enough!  Loving acceptance of all parts of yourself including emotionscan bring you into greater balance.  Feelings such as sadness, anxiety, fear, hurt, anger, etc. etc. are emotional triggers alerting you that healing is needed.  Ignoring and denying them (or ego), especially lifetime after lifetime can increasingly manifest physically.  All diseases and physical ailments on earth are a direct result of denying your Will (emotional body included).  

     Earth will be moving upward dimensionally (a shift towards this will be by the end of the year).  If you are vibrating at a lower rate than her, life can become increasingly challenging and turbulent.  By asking God (Source, Creator, Spirit, etc.) you will be guided in the direction to bring about the healing you need to ease the challenges.

“A New Day, A New Dawn, A New Beginning for Earth and All Creation!”

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