Awakening the Christ Consciousness

Awakening the Christ Consciousness

Awakening the Christ Consciousness

What is the Christ Consciousness?

The Christ Consciousness is our true divine nature, our birthright as children of a loving God.  It is an alignment with our divinity. Most of humanity has forgotten their origins and is in a state of sleep, not remembering who they truly are and the light and love from which they came.  Most have grown attached to the trappings of this 3rd dimensional world, unwilling to see beyond the physical and cultural norms. This causes a void, a feeling of emptiness within us.  In an attempt to fill the emotional hole, many overeat, gamble, consume alcohol, overspend, do drugs, etc.  When in reality, the only way to fill the emptiness is to return home.

For many, depending on their background (religious or otherwise), the words “Christ Consciousness” may bring up preconceived notions and fears.  This happens, to a great extent, from years of conditioning and influences from society, family, previous lifetimes, and religion.  Most have forgotten their true heritage, their oneness with God. If we live in separation of God, we are as ships without a rudder, left wandering this world always seeking direction and feeling lost.  We lose touch with the true meaning of our existence which is to live our lives as expressions of the loving God, the source of all things.  As we move toward the Christ Consciousness, we move toward a life filled with joy, peace and love.

How do we achieve Christ Consciousness?

Ascension Process

The process of awakening (often referred to as “ascension”) takes place over a period of time and varies from individual to individual.  While on an ocean beach in Maine one beautiful summer day in 2016, I heard God’s voice say to me, “It is time for you to ascend.”  At the time, I wasn’t sure what was meant.  Little did I know that I would undergo a transformational process that would move me to a much deeper, more profound connection to God. I have experienced highs that have left me breathless and challenges that left me questioning if I was really doing the right thing.

What I have learned in this process is that, we MUST make room for the new and release the old that no longer serve us.  This can happen in many different ways such as: ending relationships, moving to new locations, leaving jobs and getting rid of material things, to name but a few.  As our vibrations rise, so must our realities reflect this by letting go of what holds up back.  There must be a continual spiritual death and rebirth process.  Otherwise, our lives can become much more challenging.  It is a clashing of the old and new.  This can become evident with upheavals.  I have experienced many in my own lifetime.  The more I evolved spiritually, the more I came to recognize what it all meant, an environment much more conducive to growth and less stress.  What I also came to realize is that, the more I struggled with these changes instead of allowing them to unfold, the more difficult my life became.  There is a spiritual teacher whom I know that I have heard say many times, “You can do things the easy way or you can do things the hard way.  Most choose the hard way.”  I found much truth to this.

During my ascension process, I have also been experiencing many physical symptoms that have accompanied the spiritual ones.  Again, this varies individually.  I have felt fatigue, body aches, food cravings, heat and chills, nausea and much more.  The most profound symptom has been the weight gain.  I was told by Spirit that it has “nothing to do with calories or how much I exercise.”  I was also told the extra weight was to help keep me grounded and to better hold the higher light and frequencies coming into me and eventually the light/energies would be integrated.  I struggled (and still do to a lesser degree) with this but realized I had to learn to release an image I held of myself based on physical appearance.

There are a range of emotional symptoms that also take place. There were times I cry for no apparent reason, feel deep unexplained sadness, fear, anger and resentment.  These are emotional releases. There were also emotional highs such as feeling one with the Creator of all there is and feeling the deepest levels of love and peace I have never experienced before.  Again, the old must make way for the new.

During a workshop in Sedona, AZ last November, I was lying on the floor as the facilitator wove around the other bodies.  He was channeling divine light and energy which caused a variety of reactions from the participants.  For me, I watched through my clairvoyance a large white dove rise from within me and move up to a beautiful light.  I asked what that meant and heard back, “ascension”.  This was another one of those “breathless” moments for me.  I felt peace.


I have had many other experiences as I move toward ascension which I am happy to share in the near future.  There are those who feel alone in this process.  I am hoping that sharing what I have experienced will help alleviate those feelings.


Please feel free to contact me with questions, comments or to share.


Much love and many blessings.



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