So You Want to be a Healer…

Awakening the Christ Consciousness

So You Want to be a Healer…

What’s Involved With Being a Spiritual Healer?

Over the years, I discovered that trying to fit into the role of just being a “spiritual healer” was impossible.  As I worked with individuals, my role overlapped others, namely counselor and teacher.  I found myself: offering insights and advice on preventing future issues, answering questions as to the origins of wounds, sharing my own experiences, guiding them on their personal spiritual awakening, etc. etc.

I also found it too challenging to just focus on one area of healing when they almost always overlap.  For example, if I am asked to do a reiki session, I notice: areas within the physical and emotional bodies for existing or future issues, auras needing balancing and clearing, past lifetimes indicating patterns related to these issues etc. In other words, I see what other types of healing  are necessary to ease and/or heal the problem areas.  Then there are spirit guides and angels who offer insight and guidance.  This, in turn, opens up discussions around the information that is received. The more open we are as channels, the more guidance and information will flow through us.

Learning From Our Clients

A major perk to assisting others is what we learn from them.  Clients are our teachers to a great extent.  Much like mirrors, they reflect things back to us such as possible areas within ourselves that would benefit from healing.  They also teach us how to be better healers by providing us with the experiences we need to address the variety of ailments.

The path of spiritual evolution is an endless road.  If we want to serve others then it is essential that we do our own learning and healing work continually.  The more we grow, the more we can assist others.  Throughout my years of experience, I’ve had three teachers.  I highly recommend praying and/or setting your intentions for a teacher who is ahead of you on the spiritual path from whom you can learn and be mentored.  Their experiences and wisdom are valuable learning tools.

How Do I Get Started?

It begins with intent and for others a yearning.  A good habit to develop is to come up with a list of your intentions to include the desire to become a spiritual healer.  I also highly recommend prayers or requests for guidance and support in your endeavors.  When we decide to serve others and make our intentions known to Spirit, then synchronistic opportunities will present themselves such as meeting key people to help you on your journey, discovering related books or workshops, dreams containing guidance and messages from Spirit, etc.  After all, there is no higher calling than being in service to others.

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” – Mahatma Gandhi



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