Change Begins With US

Awakening the Christ Consciousness

Change Begins With US

If we don’t like what we see in our lives then it means it’s time to change what’s going on within us. What happens for so many is that they repeat patterns that cause so much grief, hurt and sadness. This doesn’t mean that there is something “wrong” with that person or that they are to blame in some way. It just means that circumstances led them to where they are today. There is no blame. Notice the emotions associated when these patterns that take place and say “release!”  For example , “sadness release, hurt release, anger release, loneliness release!”, regret release, heartache release, etc. etc. By doing this gentle process you begin healing layers of emotions that are at the root of the patterns and you can begin to feel lighter. Other common emotions include: depression, anxiety, rage, resentment, abandonment, feeling unheard, and feeling unseen. This is a very effective and helpful process. Over time you will notice the changes around you that can bring greater joy and peace. 

And so it is!

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