Divine Touch Healing – Pathway to Healing the Heart

Awakening the Christ Consciousness

Divine Touch Healing – Pathway to Healing the Heart

This is a time of great change on earth.  It is a time to end all self-sacrifice, pain and suffering.  It is a time of mass awakening, a remembering of who we are and why we are here.  We are being called to undergo great healing in order to release old energies to make room for the new.  It is through love that creation came forth and it is through love that we are healed.

     Through the power of love, we are able to reach to the root of ancient beliefs, origins of emotional and physical wounds to clear them once and for all.  By connecting with our Christ Light, our hearts, we are able to open up to higher levels of consciousness as a way of healing what has long held us back.

     Through the Divine Touch Healing Process (developed through guidance and co-creation), not only are deeper levels of consciousness reached but a more profound connection develops between those certified in the process and God. Additionally, certified users begin with a foundation of basic healing methods which then opens them up to more advanced techniques by assisting them in reaching higher levels of consciousness. By accessing the subconscious of the individuals receiving healings, more profound results are achieved.

     Together we can touch many lives through a loving and gentle process!

“It is through the power of love miracles can take place!” Joanna Spano Founder, Divine Touch Healing Spiritual Teacher, Counselor and Healer

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