Our Empathic Abilities

Awakening the Christ Consciousness

Our Empathic Abilities

The aspects of our intuition include:  sight (clairvoyance), hearing (clairaudience), recognition/inner knowing (claircognizance) and sensing/feeling (clairsentience).  There are other facets of intuition and our connection to all things.  The above list includes the major ones that most have an awareness of but there are more. 

Everyone has empathic senses.  This is a huge part of having intuition.  It is our ability to “feel” into our (and others) hearts and consciousness.  Intuition is all about feeling.  Once logic comes into play when using our intuition then it will slow down, interfere, or block us altogether.  Often, you hear others complain about the pain of being an “empath” and having to shield or protect themselves.  So, what we look at is why would anyone feel pain or discomfort in the first place.  First, know that we all have empathic senses.  Second, we focus on the heart chakra.  Keeping in mind we are multi-dimensional and exist in other locations throughout Creation and since most of us are ancient, we want to look at “big picture” us and not just this incarnation.  The heart chakra provides clues into what needs to be healed to alleviate unpleasant experiences.  Often, when I see blocks, shields and darker areas within this chakra this means that it’s important to look at the history of lifetimes going back to the root of when the painful experiences began.  What I find is many create these shields, screens, and blocks within themselves over time as a form of protection because of the unpleasant and hurtful experiences.  It’s important to understand that, when we turn down our light or block light within any parts of ourselves, then there is a cutting off certain senses, memories and abilities.  Most don’t remember doing this but the more you open up your intuition and connect to the highest parts of yourselves then these memories become activated.  Instead of blocking and shielding, we heal the roots and this will eliminate the need for any form of protection then more of your light will automatically enter your heart as well other parts of yourself.  

Your intuition is the gateway into your connection to the universe and Creation.  It allows you to connect not only on Earth but to all that exists including your histories, memories, all you know and all you can do.  If any fears come up about these connections, it’s important to heal them allowing for the expansion of your consciousness.

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