Our Galactic Connections

Awakening the Christ Consciousness

Our Galactic Connections

January 17, 2020
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
The Village - A Metaphysical Community
58 Priscilla Lane, Auburn NH

We call them “aliens”, “extraterrestrials”, “ETs”, etc. but who are they really and what are their connections with us? Why do they communicate with us? Where do they come from?  How is it that they are so different from us but can somehow feel familiar?

Come join us as we address these questions and others.  We will discuss the ways in which they help us and why.  Additional topics will be covered such as:


  • their technologies
  • their appearances
  • their consciousness
  • where they are in the big picture

Joanna Spano will take us on a journey of her experiences of guiding others through their lifetimes, not only on earth but other planets, dimensions and universes.  It is her intent to help broaden the spectrum of learning within our consciousness and shed light on the many mysteries, and misconceptions about our galactic visitors.

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