Fears of Healing

Awakening the Christ Consciousness

Fears of Healing

“Healing goes as deep as the person is willing.”

No one has intentions of not healing.  As hard to believe as it may seem, there are only certain levels in which individuals allow healing to take place.  I have found that, those most open will experience the deepest emotional and physical pain relief.

Why would someone resist healing?

There are many reasons for this.   They include:

  • Loss of a diagnosis:
    • would eliminate government financial assistance
    • could mean less attention or love from others 
    • would mean not standing out in some way (in other words, they might feel less significant)
    • might mean loss of assistance for physical limitations
  • Unworthiness – Many feel that they do not deserve healing because of previous mistakes or failures.  It’s a way of “atoning” for the past.
  • If there are feelings and beliefs that suffering and hardship are a part of life, then this can also block the healing.
  • Personal suffering can help them relate to the suffering of others.  I have seen this with those in the fields of:  spiritual healing, elder care, modern medicine and healthcare, etc.
  • Many believe it is impossible to be completely healed and be free of any pain or suffering at all.
  • Continual focusing on healing pain and discomfort can perceivably fill voids of loneliness and not having enough to do in life.

These are the most common reasons that healing is blocked or greatly diminished.  I emphasize that none of the above are intentional. There are circumstances that bring people to these perceptions.  

What’s important to understand is that all of these beliefs can be healed and worked through in a very gentle and loving process so that the healing can go deeper.  It is possible to greatly diminish or eliminate pain and suffering altogether.  Because of love there is hope and because of love there is great healing.

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