DIVINE TOUCH HEALING – Pathway to Healing the Heart

Awakening the Christ Consciousness

DIVINE TOUCH HEALING – Pathway to Healing the Heart

The Power of Love

Healing from the heart with Joanna Spano
“It is through the power of love miracles take place.”

Through love miracles take place. Our hearts soar, our wounds fade, the world seems brighter, and a sense of peace prevails. It has been found that, out of all emotions, love has the greatest power to heal our hearts. As we embark on this journey of releasing all that keeps us from love, a shift takes place within us. We begin to feel stronger, more confident; our nights become more peaceful, and we begin to view ourselves and others in a different light. Our entire body heals at an accelerated rate and as we shift within, we notice a shift around us as more loving experiences manifest in our lives. 

Divine Touch Healing is a gentle and loving process that involves releasing ancient emotions that can cause physical and emotional pain and discomfort.  As the layers of emotions are released, the more sustainable the healing is. Overall, we begin to feel better as our moods lift, our hearts soar and we are filled with a new hope and knowing that it is possible to be free from suffering. All this is accomplished by healing the heart.

Joanna Spano

Founder, Divine Touch Healing

Spiritual Teacher, Counselor and Healer


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