Healing Through Emotions

Awakening the Christ Consciousness

Healing Through Emotions

Just as the spiritual and physical parts of ourselves need to be healthy and in balance, so do our emotional bodies.

Illness can be cleared if we learn to accept and listen to what our bodies are saying. The process of ignoring and denying our emotions, especially over a great length of time, will create an imbalance and eventually manifest as a physical ailment.

It states in the Right Use of Will series of books, “When these imbalances become more than the body can handle, physical problems arise. This is when pathogens can multiply into illnesses. Denial creates energy blockages and blockages create stagnation which can be hospitable to disease organisms.”

From my experiences with helping individuals heal emotional challenges and suffering, most of these denials have been carried over from lifetime to lifetime, many, many times over. When we incarnate with unhealed emotions, our realities will attract into our lives situations and circumstances that reflect what is unhealed to bring them to our attention.

Imprints are like fingerprints…

In addition, painful experiences that accumulate over lifetimes due to unhealed emotions, fears, etc., add imprinting to the body. Imprints are like fingerprints that are stored in our physical bodies. They hold the memories of all the traumas and emotional suffering from all of our lifetimes. For example, I worked with a client who pointed out to me a pain in a specific area of her back. I immediately saw where an arrow had struck her in her lifetime as a Native American. When someone had pointed out to me a pain in his right shoulder that had been troubling him for quite some time, I quickly saw his lifetime as an African American slave who was used to carry bodies across fields during civil war battles. He had carried them over his right shoulder. Once, when a friend mentioned to me about someone he knew complaining about a pain in the rib cage area of his right side. I saw his lifetime as a soldier during the second world war and how a bomb went off to his right. By scanning lifetimes, I see the patterns of the same ailments come up again and again.

There is a process that can be used to heal the emotional body that I am beginning to teach at Leapin’ Lizards in Freeport, Maine. If you are unable to attend the workshops and would like to learn the process, contact me. Depending on where you live, I can possibly travel or teach remotely. You can also contact me to book a session to see how the process works and then decide if this is something you would be interested in learning to help yourself with and possibly to help others.

I believe there is such freedom that comes when troubling emotions and fears are released. Personally, I find that whatever is not released and held onto is like chains holding me down, keeping me from living a life of freedom and peace. We get to choose to continue suffering or release what holds us back. The choice is ours.

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