You Came Here for a Reason

Awakening the Christ Consciousness

You Came Here for a Reason

     There is no coincidence that you are on Earth at this time.  Through the process of birth and incarnation you arrived on this beautiful planet.  There are many reasons we choose Earth.  Because we are immersed in a 3D/4D environment, we are more able to feel what needs to be healed.  In the higher dimensions it isn’t felt as keenly as it is here because our bodies hold more density here.  The higher the dimensions, the less we have a physical body.  

Many come to experience life on Earth.  If you’ve never been physical before then this is a wonderful place for that.  Why would anyone choose to this when they can remain in light?  There are many reasons for this as well.  The sensations of touch, hearing, feeling emotions and sight can feel heightened in certain ways and feel different than when you remain in light.  

     Another reason is if you have connections in the universe, loved ones, friends etc. whom you want to reconnect with in a physical way you can achieve that here as well.  Typically, agreements and promises are made to reunite before incarnating.  A plan is formed to be born on Earth around the same time and location.  Understand, you have free will and get to choose where you live and how long.  You can come together as family members, spouses, friends, teachers, etc. Often the ones we choose to be our parents, siblings and spouses reflect back at us (like mirrors) what needs to be healed.  We do this intentionally to remind ourselves of the healing goals we want to accomplish while on Earth.  The triggers we feel by those closest to us, are the clues of what needs to be resolved.  No one can make you feel what you don’t already feel. This isn’t always an easy concept to accept but what you’ll notice is, as you heal the triggers, your feelings toward them and opinions about them soften.  

     There are some who feel that they can escape the past, hide out and become obscure.  Because on Earth the majority disconnect (intentionally) from their memories, who they are and what they can do, they feel it is easier to do this.  Many want to start out with a clean slate.  However, this can only be accomplished to a certain extent.  The history of us, all that we are and any experiences over lifetimes are stored in our DNA.  Whatever is unhealed such as fears, memories, trauma etc. surface and manifest in our lives in many ways.  By disconnecting with who we are and the pain we associate with it, it can seem so confusing to many as they try to explain why they have certain physical and emotional ailments.  This doesn’t happen “out of the blue” and for no reason.  This also doesn’t happen due to aging, hereditary reasons, contagions, etc. (unless you believe it).  Understand that, if you believe these to be the reasons this can accelerate the occurrences because the body responds to what is in our consciousness.

     Other significant reasons many come to Earth at this time is because of the shifting of consciousness taking place here.  The Christ Consciousness (I AM Presence, our divinity) is being born here. We are gradually and in a balanced way easing into higher levels dimensionally.  What happens on Earth has a ripple effect that affects all of Creation.  Many want to experience this.  Also, many want to help with this process by becoming spiritual healers, teachers, and counselors.  As many are awakening, they act as spiritual wayshowers of the new Earth.  They help to pave the way for others and come in as guides.

     These are the most common reasons.  Earth is known throughout the universe as being a stunningly beautiful planet filled with a richness of resources and vast opportunities that we call home.

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