Know This Can be Healed!

Awakening the Christ Consciousness

Know This Can be Healed!

It may seem inconceivable that there could be resistance to healing but it happens more than most realize.  There are many reasons for this including, loss of abundance without a diagnosis, less love from those around, identification with the diagnosis labels, a sense of belonging, etc.  Most don’t recognize that they feel this way but as we move deeper into the healing process then the reasons become apparent.  Know this all can be healed.

Love needs entry points.

Everyone and all things are born of Loving Light.  It is this same light that created all things that can heal all things.  As we gently release ancient emotions stored in the body that don’t vibrate at the same rate as love, then more Loving Light can enter.  Through further releasing and willingness and as more Light enters, the greater the relief from discomfort and suffering.  

Many adapt to pain.

It can start gradually and as it increases so do the accommodations for the various levels of suffering.  Discomfort of any kind is not our natural state!  Many do not see escaping this and hopelessness can be felt, no way out, and trapped.  This all can be healed.  As we move further into the shift in consciousness taking place on Earth, the more we see things from a higher perspective.  We know that the old consciousness of pain, suffering and sacrifice is coming to an end and hope, peace and love prevail.

A new day, a new dawn, a new beginning for Earth and all Creation!  


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