Merging with Your Higher Self

Awakening the Christ Consciousness

Merging with Your Higher Self

For many, our higher selves seem like a part of us that is somehow separate from us, something that is “out there” and that, from time to time, we can only connect with during deep states of relaxation and meditation.  Our Higher Selves are us!  They hold: the history of our lifetimes, all of our experiences from the beginning of our existence, who we truly are and most importantly, our connections to God. 

There exists a great disconnect on earth between conscious awareness and the subconscious. Most are not in touch with their Spirit, their soul selves. There are many reasons for this. The most common I have come across while assisting others include: fear of connecting with the higher part of themselves because it may interfere with their healing process on earth, fear of expanding too much and not being able to remain on earth since it is 3D/4D, fear that, if too connected to the “outside”, they may not fit in with others on earth. These are but a few. Connecting with our Higher Self bridges the gap between conscious awareness and the subconscious.

Part of reaching higher levels of our expansion involves merging with this part of us.  In order to accomplish this, we must undergo great healing to peel away at the layers to “release the old and make room for the new”.  This allows greater light to come into those areas where Loving Light previously was not present. The greater the amount of light coming in, the greater the activations causing a triggering of memories of lifetimes of experiences and innate abilities.

During my own process of awakening and expansion along the spiritual path, I was guided to move away from seeking answers externally and to bring my presence within.  I used various tools to draw upon as sources of guidance to tap into wisdom and knowledge. Over time, I noticed their usefulness diminish and to my surprise, simply were no longer working for me. This brought about a series of “aha” moments which led me, instead, to redirect my focus inward. What I discovered was how much further I was able to shift into higher levels of learning.  It not only strengthened my intuitive abilities, it enabled me to tap into greater levels of guidance within my own self.  In addition, I gained so much insight about who I truly am, what lies within the vastness of Creation, and most important of all, it helped strengthen my guidance and connection to God, the source of all that exists!

Will you heed that spark within you nudging you forward on a path of discovery of what exists beyond the physical. Will you heed the desires of your Spirit, your light? By merging with your Higher Self, you are connecting to the I Am Presence and your divinity. Awaken and remember your magnificence! Much love and peace to all!

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