The Role Love Plays in Healing

Awakening the Christ Consciousness

The Role Love Plays in Healing

Our natural state is to be 100% healed and without discomfort.  So why do we feel physical aches, pain, and suffering?  We are born of love which holds the highest vibration in existence.  When our emotions dip below contentment, and we feel anger, upset, hurt, loneliness, depression, guilt (this is just a partial list) then we move away from our natural state of love and our vibrations lower. The more gaps that form between us and love and the longer they exist, the greater the pain and suffering we

     Our bodies hold consciousness.  They react to and are directly linked to our own consciousness and emotions. For example, if we believe that we are aging and in our consciousness are symptoms of that then our bodies react accordingly.  Symptoms of aging can include hair thinning, loss of balance, memory loss, weakness, lowered immune system, increase in physical ailments, etc. that can manifest in our bodies.  Also, the location of the pain on our bodies provides us with clues of what needs to be healed.

    The following is what I have found to be most common but does not represent the broad scope of what else can be contained in these parts of the body where pain or discomfort are felt.  

Shoulders – carrying too much weight (emotionally), taking on the burdens of others

Stomach – holding onto emotions, fear of releasing them potentially causing conflict

Heart – blocks to giving and/or receiving love

Legs – blocks moving forward in life

Hips – lack of flexibility or movement, loss of freedom

Back – lack of support for self and others

Feet – fear of moving forward, stuck

Headaches – blocks to receiving light, contained, fear of opening up intuitive senses

Neck – not wanting to see perceived mistakes and failures, heavy weight on shoulders

Throat – not feeling you have a voice or say, unheard, not feeling valued

Respiratory system – fear of freedom, feeling trapped in life

    The same consciousness that created suffering which is denial of our emotions is not the consciousness that will heal everything.  By acknowledging what is felt (all emotions below contentment) and saying “release”, then you clear unhealed emotions, create shifts in your life and bring about greater ease, peace and most important of all, love!  And so it is!

Joanna Spano

Founder of Divine Touch Healing

“Through love, miracles can take place!”

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