Releasing the Consciousness of Suffering

Awakening the Christ Consciousness

Releasing the Consciousness of Suffering

The more healing work I do with others, the more I realize how much self-sacrifice and suffering are in the consciousness of so many.  The belief that somehow suffering in any form in our lives is a sort of gift is old energy, old consciousness.  We have learned that love of self comes first and that, in order to assist others in their healing, it begins with us.  If we are to be loving to ourselves, it’s important to release this in our consciousness. Believing that somehow sacrifice and suffering is a gift that can lead to greater strength, greater endurance, spiritual enlightenment, what has held back, to a great extent, the evolution of consciousness on earth.  It’s time now to embrace the new energetic waves of ascension coming to the earth that are letting us know that it’s time to change this way of thinking and that, through healing, this can be released.  The more any beliefs related to self-suffering and self-blame are let go of and replaced with self-forgiveness, then the more God’s (spirit, source, creator, etc.) light can enter allowing greater healing which, in turn, increases the flow of a more peaceful existence.  

Peace to all!

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