Signs and Symptoms of Trauma

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Signs and Symptoms of Trauma

Signs and Symptoms of Trauma

There are many circumstances in life that can lead someone into the state of trauma.  These include: divorce, loss of loved ones, loss of pets, physical traumas (especially if it’s sudden), and crisis situations.  These are a few examples but there are other instances when trauma can take place.  Here are the most common signs and symptoms:

  • forgetfulness, struggling to remember even the slightest details
  • sleepless nights, even after waking up not feeling rested
  • balance can be off, feeling tipsy potentially causing falls
  • mood swings
  • feelings of depression, sadness, loneliness, etc., generally feeling low 
  • fragmentation often goes hand in hand with trauma which can cause feelings of being shattered, broken, and in pieces
  • feeling a deep sense of being alone during periods of trauma as if no one understands how you feel, even if surrounded by loving support there can still be feelings of loneliness
  • feelings of shock can also accompany trauma, trying to piece together the events and reasons that caused the trauma
  • feeling scattered as if in many different places at once
  • feeling overwhelmed, not able to handle too many responsibilities, this can also cause some people to want to withdraw from the world
  • feeling numb, this is sometimes a coping mechanism

The length of time needed to heal from trauma can vary from person to person.  If left untreated, the symptoms can become more pronounced.  It’s important to know that all of this can be healed, so much so that the person can feel lighter, brighter and hopeful.  The more we ease suffering, the less burdened we feel and a renewed sense of freedom can be gained.  

As love is the most powerful emotion to heal all things, it’s important give as much loving support to ourselves and those we know who are going through this.  There are circumstances that can lead us into trauma so it’s also important to release any feelings of guilt and shame for ending up in this situation and know there is hope.

Through love we are healed.  Through love we are whole.  Through love we are home.

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