“Soul Contracts” and Agreements

Awakening the Christ Consciousness

“Soul Contracts” and Agreements

I’m often questioned about “soul contracts” made in other lifetimes.  In previous incarnations, individuals come together in relationships (i.e. family, love partner, friendship, etc.) and decide they want to be together or commit to each other in future lifetimes.  The reasons typically have to do with a sense of “unfinished business”, longings to never separate, commitments made to family members or contracts made under duress or force.  This can impact our lives whether it be on Earth or other planets.  During the healing process, when I access the deepest levels within the individual’s subconscious, I often find ancient beliefs and emotions associated with these agreements that could possibly have been made hundreds, millions or even billions of years ago.  Many continue these vows and agreements over eons of time often at the expense of overriding their wills and causing great stress and emotional pain.

We are never bound by any form of commitment made in other lifetimes.   We are in a different place when they are made, different circumstances and a different consciousness.  Expecting ourselves or others to abide to these agreements when our situations have shifted doesn’t work.  If we override our wills in order to please others or take care of others, it can create feelings of resentment, anger, hurt and bitterness.  It’s important to “release” fears that who you made the commitment to may not survive if you don’t hold to your end of the promises or that there may be retaliation either against you or those you love.  Release that this is God’s will or that you have failed in some way.  As these emotions and beliefs come to the surface, feel them and release them so that a shift can take place in your consciousness.  This will bring about greater ease and a sense of relief.  And so it is….

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