The Tides of Change – Birthing of a New Consciousness

Awakening the Christ Consciousness

The Tides of Change – Birthing of a New Consciousness

     I live on the coast of Maine and, as such, continually feel the draw to visit the nearby beaches filled with endless views of islands, lobster boats, and waves that wash away the footprints in the sand as if to clear the way for new memories the next day.

     As I breathe in the refreshing salt air and continual breezes, a calm takes place.  Within this peacefulness is a combination of my inner knowing and observations I’ve made over the years of shifts taking place on Earth.  I’ve witnessed countless signs and clues of the birthing of a new light, a new consciousness, one that reminds us of a most beautiful love, a love that calls us home. These signs can be so subtle that most don’t notice them.  The old energy, the old consciousness is releasing to pave the way for the new.

     It is through this new light, the Christ Consciousness, a great awakening takes place that ignites a deep remembrance of our divinity.  Any self-perceptions of being small fade away.   We notice shifts within ourselves that reflect outwardly in our lives.  Often this means that faces around us change.  We seek a new “tribe” that shares a deep common understanding of all that is taking place.  As love fills our hearts more and more, an increasing softness becomes more present within us.  We feel a joy, a peace that starts out slowly but continues to grow with a warmth we had forgotten was even possible.  The voids felt within are filled with love instead of pain and our bodies begin the process of adapting to this new light that feels oh so ancient but familiar. Patterns in our life that no longer work for us become more apparent.  These are clues letting you know it’s time to let go of the old to make room for the new.

     Those who decided to be part of the great shift prior to incarnating in this lifetime are awakening to take their place among the other wayshowers of the new Earth.  They carry the seeds of the love that this new consciousness embodies.  They come forward as healers, teachers, spiritual guides, and bridges all connecting and anchoring the new light.

     How do you know if you are one of the wayshowers?  It is felt within your heart as a calling that cannot be silenced.  It continues to remind us much like a snooze button.  It is time to move in the direction that your heart is leading you to. For it is your heart that will guide you to all that brings you joy and a sense of purpose.

     As we ride these waves of change, we understand we are now part of a big picture, an ancient plan that is unfolding.  We feel excitement knowing that we play an important role and know that others too are riding these waves all leading us to help usher in a new era of love.  

It is time to awaken wayshowers of the New Earth!  It is time to spread the seeds of a love that lets us know we are all significant in our own way and that we all have a role to play.

     And so it is…

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