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Awakening the Christ Consciousness

Talk To God

The concept of talking to God, for many, is just that, only a concept.

  • Can He/She actually hear me?
  • How do I speak to Him/Her?
  • Can He/She feel what I feel?
  • How can I hear Him/Her?

These are some of the many questions I’ve been asked. To be honest, these questions never came to mind for me. For most of my life, my perspective of God was that of an older gentleman in the sky with a long white beard who looked down on us from heaven and passed judgement. The thought of actually conversing with God was far from my realm of comprehension.

However, this changed for me a couple of years ago…

In 2015/2016 I completed two courses of a particular healing modality. Part of the healing process is connecting with God and hearing His guidance. * I began to ponder this. If I could hear God during this healing process, why  couldn’t I outside of the process? I set intentions to do just that.

During one healing session I was doing for myself, I heard a voice that was filled with the most loving essence that I had ever experienced in my life. He made a comment about how much I was loved. My eyes instantly filled with tears. In that moment, I knew in my heart that I had to get to know Him on a whole new level.

It began slowly at first. I would hear random comments that would always bring about feelings of pleasant surprise. I hungered for more.

In November of 2016, I attended a 5-day Christ Consciousness intensive workshop in Sedona, Arizona. The spiritual teacher who facilitated this workshop made a statement that resonated so strongly for me. What he said was that we should include God in our lives, each and every day and in all things. I began to “chat” with God. I began to talk to Him about different things, about my life, my job, my children, my dreams, etc. At first, I was still only receiving random one-liners. I was thrilled with this but wanted even more. I began to ask many, many questions. My responses came through dreams, signs and other people. I still wanted to hear His voice.

It is critical that, as we awaken spiritually and begin the process of evolving, we undergo healing. What I realized was that, the more I healed, the more I opened up to receive His voice. In my subconscious, I was holding fears of being unworthy to hear from God, that I didn’t have the ability to  hear Him, or that I would be judged (among other things). As I underwent healing to resolve these fears, doubts and beliefs, I began to hear Him more. What is important to remember is that, the more we heal what blocks us from God, the more His light can enter us to assist us. This was a huge revelation for me plus motivation for me to continue on my path of healing.

What started as one-liners, became more extensive guidance and loving essence. There have been moments when I shared my fears, doubts and even anger towards Him. He has helped me, through the process of healing to resolve all of this and bring me closer to Him. I feel comfortable enough to let Him know whatever my emotions are. After all, He already knows what we feel. Today, we have actual “chats” and believe it or not, God has a sense of humor. We tell each other jokes. I find myself laughing out loud and have surprised others with this.

What these experiences have taught me is that, there is so much more to God than we realize. My life has been enriched by His/Her presence and I have learned so much. From the moment I first hear His voice, I have never been the same.

Today, much of my work involves helping others bridge their gaps to God so that they will feel His presence more. I do channel but remind everyone that they have within them the ability to connect with Him. I will write more extensively on this topic in future posts. If this post resonates with you, feel free to contact me with any questions you might have. I am happy to help.

*From here on in this post, I will simply use “Him” instead of Him/Her to simplify the writing.

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