What’s In Your Consciousness?

Awakening the Christ Consciousness

What’s In Your Consciousness?

All that you hold within your consciousness reflects in your life.  Your relationships, friendships, jobs, organizations/clubs you belong to, what you read for books, magazines, movies you are drawn to, hobbies, etc. all provide us with clues on what is held within us.  Every illness, ailment, disease also give us insights into who we are, the history of our lifetimes and what needs to be healed.  By developing an awareness of patterns (failed relationships, lack of abundance, job loss, fears, etc.) we can clear up mysteries of why certain things and events happen in and around us.

Something as small as bumping your elbow, tripping over something, forgetting your keys or as large as fears revolving around love, anxiety attacks, major illnesses, or continual lack of abundance (these are but a few examples) all indicate that a shift needs to take place in our lives, a shift toward healing.  The healing process helps to release old patterns and, in most cases, ancient emotions.  By releasing the old, we make more room for the new.  The old can feel like chains that get heavier over time if ignored and denied.  

Here are a few examples of potential root causes (there can be more) of ailments:

  • Headaches – the spirit wants to expand but fears can cause blocks, blocked energy, fear of expansion
  • Abdominal Issues – holding on too much, taking on the “stuff” of others
  • Neck Aches – regret over decisions and choices made in life, not wanting to look around
  • Base of the skull (right and left side) – feeling disconnected from God, feeling lost light, lost love, lost memories
  • Circulation Problems – areas where Loving Light cannot enter, imbalance
  • Throat Issues – not feeling you have a voice or say, not feeling validated
  • Heart Disease – lack of self love, blocks to giving and receiving love
  • Memory Loss – this is a process of “letting go”, that life is just too overwhelming

Consciousness attracts similar consciousness.  By healing all that holds us back from becoming who we already are, we begin to feel lighter brighter, more at peace and connected.  We feel better physically.  The old patterns end, new acquaintances come into our lives, opportunities arise for better jobs, abundance flow increases, and we begin to see ourselves in a more positive light. Know that you are deserving all that is good and great in life.  Release feelings of unworthiness, that love and life come with struggles, that hardship and illness is a reality and all the beliefs related to aging whether it be less memory, less agility, more illness, less balance, etc.

Remember: Releasing the old makes room for the new!

Love and peace to all!

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