Where Does Your Heart Lead You?

Awakening the Christ Consciousness

Where Does Your Heart Lead You?

     As we go about our days, often we feel a restlessness, a yearning for something to fill our lives.  We try to fill the emptiness but the stirring within continues.  We reach outwardly seeking answers, a sense of direction or purpose.  Often, there is temporary relief but as the “new” becomes old, we are back where we started.  The days can feel heaver and the nights longer.

     True guidance lies in the heart.  Our emotions, like a gentle river, will move us toward our deepest desires. Where and when we feel happiness, joy, and excitement, our inner knowing grows stronger nudging us closer and closer into higher vibrations.  As we move higher, matching vibrational experiences and synchronicities surface bringing an overall sense of excitement over future possibilities.  Our intuitive senses activate and heighten and continue to lead us forward strengthening our heart connection.

     Where is your heart leading you?  Follow what makes you happy and see how your world can change!

Much love! 


“Through love, miracles can take place!”

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