Where There is Physical or Emotional Pain and Suffering, There is Not Enough Light

Awakening the Christ Consciousness

Where There is Physical or Emotional Pain and Suffering, There is Not Enough Light

     We are born of Loving Light!  When our emotions drop below contentment, then it doesn’t feel good because it moves us out of the vibrations of love.  A separation takes place, and we begin to feel less like ourselves.  Love is the highest vibration that exists. Any emotions below contentment do not hold the same vibrations as love.  

Therefore, when we feel: anger, rage, sadness, sorrow, grief, loneliness, depression, hurt, etc. then we feel a separation from who we are causing feelings such as loneliness, lost, hopelessness, homelessness, no sense of belonging, etc. The more we heal, the closer we move towards love and our surroundings will match the higher frequencies and vibrations.

     Our physical bodies are housed within our light and provide clues showing us where there is an absence of Loving Light.  We can feel a range from mild discomfort to chronic pain. This is an indication of the length of time where there was not enough light. Our bodies hold consciousness and react to our emotions.  For example, if we believe we are aging and will take on signs and symptoms of this then the body responds accordingly.  Here are a few other examples of how our bodies work in conjunction with our emotions.

  • Backache – feeling burdened, overwhelmed, carrying too much emotional weight
  • Stomachache – pent up emotions, trapped feelings
  • Heart problems – not feeling love or loved enough, loneliness
  • Neckache – feelings of failure, too much responsibility, remorse, regret
  • Eyesight – rejection, disconnected from the light, not wanting to see reality
  • Respiratory Ailments – trapped, overwhelmed, suffocating 

     Denying or ignoring emotions only offer temporary relief and can build up within us and reappear.  As healing through love and releasing emotions take place, then more light enters the body greatly reducing discomfort. This type of relief is sustainable.

     Suffering is not our natural state and is never a necessary part of our lives. It is possible to be pain and suffering free.  It is possible to live a life of greater peace, love and joy!

Peace to all!

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