Your Innate Healing Abilities – The Great Awakening

Awakening the Christ Consciousness

Your Innate Healing Abilities – The Great Awakening

     The ability to ease the suffering of others is a powerful tool that we are all born with.  Even without prior training, we are able to raise our hands and generate healing light from a distance or through touch.  Training and self-healing, however, can assist in the activation of these talents and clear any blocks in the flow of healing light and energy.

     Many on Earth at this time are awakening to the nudge they feel within to come forward and join the ranks of other healers who have chosen to also awaken.  It is with a deep and ancient knowing they go forth and pave the way of a new consciousness in alternative ways of healing.  They offer and contribute vast experiences and knowledge that span lifetimes on Earth as well as other star systems.  These methods do not replace modern medicine but provide other options for healing.

     As our intuitive senses awaken and heighten and as we continue to use our abilities, we remember our ancient ways of working with sound, nature, light, energy, colors, symbols movement, etc.  We reconnect with the part of us that helps us to remember all that we are and that there is so much more beneath the surface.  It reminds us of how we can uplift others simply by using what comes so natural to us.  A great joy is felt, and excitement fills our days as we look forward to what other surprises lie ahead.

     So begins the shift, the great awakening that guides us and moves us forward into a world that forever changes us….

And so it is….

Founder of Divine Touch Healing

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