Exploring Lifetimes Workshop

Awakening the Christ Consciousness

Exploring Lifetimes Workshop

April 22, 2023
10:00 am - 2:30 pm
The Village A Metaphysical Community
58 Priscilla Lane, Auburn, NH

Saturday, April 22, 2023

10:00AM – 2:30PM

$185 (will collect a few days prior to workshop)

     A key part of the process of healing involves going into a “big picture” of ourselves (or others).  This means that, instead of focusing on our present lifetime, we take a much grander view of ourselves because we are much more than our present realities.  It is recognizing that our roots go back millions and into billions of years.  It is through incarnations we are able to: explore aspects of ourselves, experience growth, learn and heal.

     During this workshop we will go deeper into the meaning and significance of our lifetimes.  What were our intentions; why did we choose specific locations and what does this mean for us today.

We will:

  • work on opening our connections on a higher level (involves healing and clearing the crown chakra)
  • go in depth into the various reasons we incarnate
  • identify patterns within lifetimes and explore their significance
  • practice journeying into lifetimes
  • discuss how other incarnations impact our lives today
  • have plenty of practice on ourselves and others

     No previous experience is necessary.  I work with all levels in my workshops.  It’s all about bringing to the surface talents you already have.  For many, these talents have been dormant.  It’s a matter of using them to activate them.

     Join us for an enjoyable day of learning, expansion and healing!

About the Instructor

Joanna, Founder of the Divine Touch Healing Method, through her own personal journey of healing and awakening, is eager to share her experiences and training to help others unfold, within them, their own natural gifts of healing.

Her Training/Experience:  Advanced DNA Theta Healer, Certification in the Pathway Process into the Heart of the Akashic Records, Third Level Arcturian Light Healer, Reiki II, Shamanic Practices, completed “Awakening the Christ Consciousness” intensive training – Sedona, AZ

JoannaSpano.com    Contact me with any questions (207-776-0335 – voice/text)

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