Metaphysical Practice and Discussion Group

Awakening the Christ Consciousness

Metaphysical Practice and Discussion Group

April 10, 2018
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
The Village Metaphysical
58 Priscilla Lane. Auburn, NH

Q & A About God/Source

And good things are worth waiting for. This month, our previously scheduled guest from December, Joanna Spano, will be bringing her incredible energy and channeling talents to us! Joanna is a wonderful spiritual teacher and psychic, and will be providing us with a question and answer opportunity with Source. So, get your questions ready! My experience with channels of this high of a frequency can cause a little bit of forgetfulness and mental fog in the moment. So, a question you thought you could remember might elude you right then. I recomend you take a moment to write your questions down. Hmmmm, what questions might you ask of your Creator?

Of course, the first hour will be open discussion and a short guided meditation. Joanna will have the floor for the second half, and everyone should leave feeling positive and with some experiences to ponder.

Looking forward to seeing those who can make it, and Light and Love to those who cannot!


Steve J.

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