Spiritual Teachings for the New Consciousness and Group Healings

Awakening the Christ Consciousness

Spiritual Teachings for the New Consciousness and Group Healings

January 15, 2022
10:00 am - 12:00 pm
The Village Metaphysical Center
58 Priscilla Lane, Auburn, NH

The Village Metaphysical Community

58 Priscilla Lane, Auburn, NH

10:00am to 12:00pm the third Saturday of each month

(private sessions can be scheduled following the circle)

This is a great opportunity to gain insights into your journey of healing and spirituality as well as awakening all that you are and all that you can do.  In a group setting, we cover a range of topics that include: the healing process (emotional, physical, and spiritual), higher dimensions, spiritual growth, the ascension process, our connections to the galactic groups, our own spiritual journey and experiences, etc.  Joanna facilitates on both group and individual levels as she assists with:

  • insights on lifetimes on earth and on other planets and dimensions
  • healing tools and tips
  • how to bring forth our abilities of healing, mediumship, prophecy, etc.
  • how to tap into and connect with our higher selves
  • Divine Touch Healing
  • discovering our origins
  • spiritual counseling and more

About the Facilitator

I feel passionate about helping others remember their divinity and magnificence.  Much of what I focus on is finding greater peace by providing clarity in direction, easing emotional challenges and fears and through channeling Divine light. I also connect with higher selves, spirits and angelic selves to assist in the process of healing.

Background:  Founder of the Divine Touch Healing, Certification in: Advanced DNA Theta Healing, Pathway Process into the Heart of the Akashic Records, Third Level Arcturian Light Healer, Shamanic Practices, Galactic Readings and Ancestry, Reiki II, “Awakening the Christ Consciousness Intensive” – Sedona, AZ

Cost:  $20

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