Zoom Event – The Significance of Our Lifetimes On and Off Earth (Zoom Event)

Awakening the Christ Consciousness

Zoom Event – The Significance of Our Lifetimes On and Off Earth (Zoom Event)

April 14, 2021
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Please note: Contact Joanna (207-776-0335 or jmarias100@gmail.com) for payment and the zoom link.

Why do we incarnate?
How far back do we go in our existence?
How and why do we choose certain planets on which to live?
Where is “home” to us?
How do we remember them?
What are the Akashic Records and how do they relate to all this?
How do we communicate with those we have known and those we have loved?

There is so much more to us than most realize. We exist on other planets, other incarnations, other dimensions and in light/spirit all concurrently. Our bodies and our DNA hold the history of our lifetimes and experiences. We choose to be here. We choose how we come forth and what we hope to learn, heal and become. All that we are and all that we know affect all parts of us whether on Earth or other planets and planes of existence. The culmination of how we came forth in our original light and all that we have experienced throughout the history of Creation all weave throughout our lives. They impact behavior, where we choose to live, our perspectives, our occupations and much, much more. Join us and together we will gain greater insights about ourselves and a greater sense of purpose and direction.

Brief insights on individual lifetimes will be covered for those in attendance.


Joanna Spano
Spiritual Teacher, Counselor & Healer
Founder, Divine Touch Healing
“Awakening the Christ Consciousness”

Background Experiences and Training

Galactic Readings, Advance DNA Theta Healing, Third level Arcturian Healing, Reiki II, Certified in the Pathway Process of the Akashic Records, Shamanic Practices, “Awakening the Christ Consciousness” Intensive Training, Sedona, Arizona

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