Our Natural State is Love

Awakening the Christ Consciousness

Our Natural State is Love

Our Natural State is Love. We are born of light and love. When we move out of this state then we move away from who we truly are. The further we move from love and the longer, we begin to feel discomfort that, over time, can turn into emotional and physical pain. Many adapt, call it “normal”, blame it on aging or attempt to ignore the feelings altogether. These are only temporary remedies and symptoms return because the root causes have not been addressed. When we release the emotions connected to the symptoms, pain either subsides or ceases altogether. As we continue emotional healing, our bodies relax, our nights become more restful, worries and fears lessen, and a sense of peace prevails.

There is never a need to settle for less. That is not who we are. There is never a need to adapt to any form of pain. We are magnificent and divine. It’s time to remember this and as we return to love, we see ourselves for who we truly are and the greatness of us. We are worthy of being pain-free. We are worthy of joy and peace and most important of all, we are worthy of love!

Peace to all!

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