Loving Acceptance of All Parts of the Self

Awakening the Christ Consciousness

Loving Acceptance of All Parts of the Self

Love needs entry points…

Lack of acceptance of any part of ourselves originates every imbalance of the body. When these imbalances become more than the body can handle, physical problems arise. These imbalances create stagnate energy where pathogens can multiply and develop into illness. Our physical bodies hold our light. We are light! It is this light that sustains us in all aspects of our lives, physically and emotionally. As we heal denied unhealed emotions, light can then enter the body and physical pain goes away bringing forth greater peace. Release all beliefs that pain is a necessary part of our lives. Release that you don’t have a choice when it comes to suffering. Release all that keeps you from love. Most important of all, remember who you truly are, brilliant light born of love, perfect in the eyes of God! Peace to all! 💕🕊

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