What Are Our Bodies Trying to Tell Us

Awakening the Christ Consciousness

What Are Our Bodies Trying to Tell Us

Disciplining or trying to control any aspects of the self whether it be the body, emotions, will, etc. creates an imbalance that can manifest physically. Our bodies provide the clues and insights into what areas need healing.  The following is what I have found most common when assisting others but does not represent the broad scope of what else can be contained in these parts of the body where pain or discomfort is felt.  For Example:

Left – feminine

Right – masculine

Shoulders – carrying too much weight (emotionally)

Stomach – holding in and/or onto emotions 

Heart – blocks to giving and/or receiving love

Legs – moving forward

Hips – flexibility

Back – lack of support

Wings – longing to return home

Eyes – afraid of seeing 

Ears – afraid of hearing 

Headaches – blocks to receiving light

Neck – not wanting to take a look at what’s around you

Throat – not feeling you have a voice or say

Lungs – fear of breathing or expansion

There is a place for traditional medicine.  However, in addition to that, it’s time to look at what our bodies are trying to say.  Instead of ignoring or adapting to pain and suffering, go within to see the messages they are conveying and if you need help with this, ask God!  

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